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Variable Frequency Series Resonant Test System

31 August 2021, 8:12


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Product introduction

Series resonance device is mainly designed and manufactured for communication voltage endurance test of 11kV30MW hydro-generator. Two separate designs are adopted for reactor.

Series resonance device is mainly composed of frequency conversion control power supply excitation transformer reactor and capacitor voltage divider.

Tenchnical paramenters

Rated output voltage 0~50kV(AC RMS)

output frequency 45~65Hz

Resonance voltage waveform Pure sine wave waveform distortion rate≤1.0%

Work system Under full power output normally continuous work time5min

quality factor 10~40

Frequency regulation sensitivity 0.1Hz,Instability<0.05%

Maximum test capacity 5000kVA and below

Working power supply 220V and 380V±10%,Power frequency 50Hz±5%

Product Characteristics

1、Series resonance device features such protection functions as over voltage over current zero start system dissonance (flash falling) etc. The overvoltage and over current protection value can be adjusted according to user needs try to taste flash falling protection action and can write down the flash falling voltage for test analysis.

2、The whole Series resonance device has a very light weight the maximum weight is no more than 40kg easy for scene use.

3、Series resonance device features four work modes convenient for users to flexibly choose according to scene conditions and improve test speed.

4、Storage and different to print data stored data number is word convenient to help users identify and check looking for.

5、Series resonance device automatic frequency scanning the frequency starting point can be set arbitrarily within the specified range the frequency scanning direction can be chosen upward and downward and at the same time the liquid crystal large screen showscanning song line making it convenient for users to intuitively understand whether looking for resonance point.

6、Using DSP platform technology it can increase or decrease functions and upgrade according to users' needs conveniently which also makes man-machine interface more humanized.



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