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Transformer Capacity and No-load Tester

4 August 2022, 13:18

Arkansas, Abbott

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ad transformer capacity and no-load tester



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Functional characteristics:

Transformer capacity and no-load tester Measure the transformer load current, load loss, short-circuit voltage, short circuit (load) losses, capability.

Main technical parameters:

Capacity measuring range : 30kVA ~ 31500kVA

Current measuring range: 0 -100A auto-switch the measurement range

Current measurement accuracy: ± (0.2% + 3digits)

Voltage measurement range: Line Voltage0-750V;phase voltage 0-450V, auto-switch the measurement range

Voltage measurement accuracy: ± (0.2% + 3digits)

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ

Leakage current: 3.5mA

Dielectric strength: the power connection on the chassis can withstand: 1500V

External transformer can broaden the scope of measurement instruments;

Frequency Range: 40 ~ 65Hz, accuracy class 0.2;

Power Input: AC220V ± 10%;


1. It can accurately measure the capacity of various distribution transformers, passive measurement, convenient and accurate.

2. It can measure the harmonic content and total harmonic distortion of voltage and current.

3. Large screen, high-brightness color LCD display, complete Chinese character menu and operation prompts, realize friendly man-machine dialogue, conductive silicone touch button, make operation easier and longer service life.

4. The test data can be printed at any time through the micro printer.

Common Troubleshooting:

Boot no display: first off, open the socket on the back panel AC 220V fuse box, check the fuse box, you can replace insurance.

The screen suddenly black screen: press the reset button, to start measurement.

Measurement and computation results are not correct: Check the external wiring, whether by manual operation, whether bad or take the wrong line; relevant parameter is incorrect.

Measuring voltage and current display to zero the normal, check whether the current file fuse blown



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