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Petroleum Kinematic Viscometer

27 July 2022, 19:28

Illinois, Afolkey

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Product description:

Petroleum Kinematic Viscometer for conforms to GBT 265-1988 "Measuring and calculating method for kinematic viscosity of petroleum products", which is applicable to test the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products (Newtonian liquids). It is used to measure the time when a certain volume of liquid flowing through a calibrated glass capillary viscosimeter under the gravity at a constant temperature. The product of capillary viscosimeter constant and flow time is the kinematic viscosity of liquid at that temperature.

Technical index:

Display: Color LCD display and touch screen

Temperature control range: Room temperature~150℃

Set temperature: 20℃,40℃,50℃,80℃,100℃,any value(Higher than room temperature~150℃)

Temperature control accuracy:±0.1℃

Number of test holes: 4

Timing range:0~999 second (According to the national standard, the flow time of each test sample must be higher than 200 seconds.)

Timing accuracy: 0.1 second

Timing number: 1~4 times (Optional)

Printing method: Panel mounted thermal printer

Power supply: AC220V±5% 50Hz±5%

Power: 1500W

Ambient temperature:5℃~35℃

Ambient humidity: 10%~80%


The automatic kinematic viscosimeter for petroleum products can simultaneously activate four glass capillary viscometers for kinematic viscosity measurement under the same constant temperature, and each viscosimeter can be measured four times as a set of test data.

The instrument will automatically remove the timing result not meeting the tolerance according to the requirements of national standard method, and take the average of other timing values satisfying the tolerance, then calculate and obtain the kinematic viscosity value of the test.

When it is unnecessary to obtain the test result (Often to roughly observe the approximate kinematic viscosity value of an unknown sample), the kinematic viscosity value can be calculated at one time, twice or three times at any time.



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