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Insulated Boots Gloves withstand Voltage

2 September 2021, 2:16

Arizona, A-1 Trailer Park

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ad insulated boots gloves withstand voltage



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Product description:

Insulating boots and gloves withstand voltage device is a power frequency power supply with low voltage working voltage of 220V50Hz for insulating boots and gloves. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the input voltage is changed to the minimum value required for the test. high pressure. Insulating boots (gloves) withstand voltage test device generally consists of a special dedicated test box, an intelligent power frequency withstand voltage console, and a power frequency withstand voltage test transformer.

A special water tank can be customized according to needs to test 6-8 insulated boots or 6 insulated gloves at a time, and display the leakage current of the insulated boots or insulated gloves at the same time. The intelligent power frequency withstand voltage console is equipped with overcurrent protection and zero protection. Time protection and alarm function. The preventive voltage resistance test device for insulating boots and gloves is a special product developed and produced according to the needs of users according to the test procedures of insulating boots (gloves).

The selection has an automatic boost (buck) function, automatically reads the leakage current of each test product, the whole process is automatically completed, and the test data is automatically printed, which effectively solves the previous non-standard test methods, thereby simplifying . Simplifies the test procedure and improves the test speed. More reliable identification of parameters such as leakage current and power frequency withstand voltage of insulating boots (gloves). To ensure the safety of test personnel, it is an ideal pre-treatment of insulating boots (gloves) to protect power frequency withstand voltage test equipment.

Technical Parameters:

Input voltage AC220V 50 Hz

Output voltage 0~30kV

Capacity 3kVA

Test number 3 pairs each time

Quality Gloves (insulating boots) test car: 80kg; power frequency withstand voltage test bench: 70kg



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31 August 2021





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