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Handheld Partial Discharge Inspection Instrument

10 November 2021, 22:05

Arizona, Ahwatukee

Price 15397 USD

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ad handheld partial discharge inspection instrument



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Product description:

Handheld Partial Discharge Inspection Instrument Partial discharge phenomena of the electrical equipment have different impacts on equipment itself and the power grid, seriously leading to equipment scrapped and grid collapse. So it plays an essential role to monitor partial discharge of electrical equipment early, master the equipment running state accurately, eliminate the problems existing in the equipment timely and effectively for ensuring the safety of the equipment and the power grid itself. There are many ways for electrical equipment PD test, such as pulse current method, DGA method, ultrasonic method, RIV method, optical method, radio frequency method and chemical method, etc.

Technical index:

System WINCE6.0

CPU Main frequency of 533MHz

Memory RAM of 256MB DDR2, 1GB NandFlash

Screen TFT true color touch screen of 4.3” ,resolution of 480 * 272

Interface SD memory card,USB,serial port,earphones

SD memory card TF card of more than 8G

Camera 3 mega-pixel high definition camera

Accessories GPS,temperature humidity measurement device,high brightness laser pointer

Storage function GPS coordinate,timedate,temperaturehumidity

Frequency range 20—150kHz

Sensor 40kHz x 1Ea

Working condition -25℃ ~ 70℃

Relative humidity 0 - 95%

Charger specification Input :100-240V, 5060Hz

Output :voltage of 20V, current of 3.25A

Power supply Battery power:lithium battery

Working hours:about 8 hours

Battery protection:LCD backlight will go dark, when there

is no operation within 5 minutes. The instrument will

automatically shutdown, when there is no operation within 20 minutes. When the battery power is less than 5%, system will beep hinting users to save data timely, then users need power it off and recharge.



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31 August 2021





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