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DC Resistance Tester 20A

21 July 2022, 19:29

Kansas, Alamota

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Product description:

To meet the needs for rapid measurement of DC resistance of inductive coils, our company has developed the DC resistance tester based on own technical advantages. With the novel power supply technology, this product features the small size, light weight, wide test range, strong anti-interference ability, complete protection functions, and large color LCD. Entirely controlled by the single-chip microcomputer, the tester is capable of automatically carrying out self-testing and data processing, and has the functions of automatic discharge and discharge indication. It also has high test accuracy and can be operated easily to rapidly measure the DC resistance.

Technical index:

1. Output current: 20A,

2. Range:

100μΩ to 1Ω (20A)

3. Accuracy: 0.2% ± 2μΩ

4. Resolution: 0.1μΩ

5. Working temperature: 0-40℃

6. Ambient humidity: ≤90% RH, no condensation

7. Altitude: ≤1000meters

DC Resistance Tester 20A


The DC Resistance Tester has 6 levels of output current (maximum: 20A; minimum: 5mA), which is suitable for DC resistance measurement of a variety of transformers and mutual inductors.

2. The measurement range of the tester is 100μΩ to 100KΩ.

3. The DC Resistance Tester 20A has a higher response speed. The on-load tap switch can be directly enabled during measurement, and the tester will automatically refresh data.

4. The tester has the function of sound discharge alarm and clear discharge indication, to reduce misoperation.

5. The DC Resistance Tester 20A has complete protection functions for reliable protection against the impact of back EMF, thus achieving more reliable performance.

6. The tester is equipped with a 7-inch color LCD screen, which can display data in a clear and attractive manner. In addition, output results can be printed in a real-time manner.



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