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16 August 2021



Black Iron Gas Piping

17 August 2021, 17:36

Washington, Alderton

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As you may or may not know, the installation of plumbing pipes and fixtures is governed by a set of rules, known as the Universal Plumbing Code (or "UPC"). The UPC rules are rarely more important than when dealing with gas lines. This is especially true for black iron gas lines.

Black Iron Gas Piping

Black Iron Gas Line San Jose Repair Replacement

Product Name:

2016 cold formed drawn rolled black erw furniture annealed steel pipe


OD (mm)


Wall Thickness (mm)


Steel material




Section shape



ERW Pipe


oiled or not,painted,galvanized


5.8M, 6M, 11.8M, 12M or customized length

Our Cold Rolled Black Steel Pipe Production Range(Customized Products Provided)

Item Round Pipe (MM) Square Pipe (MM) Rectangular Pipe (MM) Oval Pipe (MM) LTZ Pipe (MM)

Outside Diameter 10-100 10*10-100*100 6*10-50*150 9.5*17-30*60 28*28-38*38

Thickness 0.4-3.0 0.4-3.0 0.4-3.0 0.4-2.0 0.4-2.0

Length Any Length Any Length Any Length Any Length Any Length


What is a black iron pipe?

You may be familiar with "galvanized pipe for gas". Black iron pipe is, simply put, the same thing, but without the zinc coating. The zinc coating on galvanized pipe for gas is meant to keep the pipe from corroding from contact with moisture. While it does its job pretty well, over time, it still does corrode.

Since black iron pipe does not have the zinc coating, it will corrode very quickly if exposed to water. For this reason, it cannot be used for water or waste piping. It is, however, very popular for gas piping. One reason is because it is less expensive than galvanized pipe for gas. Another is that it is easier to differentiate it from water piping when crawling around under a home.

So, can black iron be used for all gas piping?

This is where the UPC really comes into play. There are specific rules for where black iron gas pipes can be used, and where they cannot. If used in an incorrect location, it can become a very serious safety hazard.

To put it simply, black iron pipes can be used for gas under your home, in the crawl space or basement, inside the walls, or in the attic – basically where it is not exposed to earth or the elements (moisture). This is because of the lack of anti-corrosive coating.

For gas lines that must be run under ground, a special type of black pipe should be used that is coated with a special plastic material that keeps the moisture out. This is so it is easily discernible from underground water lines, and also because the plastic coating actually protects the pipe better than a galvanized coating would.

Care must be given, however, to make sure that any exposed pipe is covered by pipe-wrap glue and 10mil pipe-wrap tape. This includes the joints, and any marks in the coating from pipe wrenches, etc. The glue is important because it seals any small gaps that may be created in the taping process.

Seven pipe connection. threaded connectionsThreaded connection, also known as screw thread connection, is to connect the pipe into a hole through the screwing of the internal and external pipe threads. When connecting with the opposite thread, it is generally to process the external thread at the end of other pipes, screw on the pipe fittings with an internal thread, and then connect with other pipe segments to form the pipe system.

Pipe threaded connections are mainly used in the following situations. The connection of galvanized welded steel pipe. The design document or construction acceptance specification allows the connection of non-galvanized welded steel pipe, such as water supply and drainage, heating, gas, compressed air branch pipe. (3) the connection of pipe with threaded valve parts, instrument accessories and mechanical pipe orifice with pipe thread.

Welded steel pipe with threaded connections, using the tooth type Angle is 55 ° inch pipe thread. Pipe threads are conical and cylindrical. Processing pipe thread is commonly known as sleeve silk, manual and mechanical two methods. A hand - made thimble is used to thread the pipe with a pipe hinge plate. In the process of wire covering, oil should be added to the thread buckle to lubricate and cool the thread buckle and die. Each silk head should be set 2 to 3 times.

The pipe is machined with conical threads. Pipe threads shall be complete and smooth, free from defects and random threads, and the total length of broken or missing threads shall not exceed 10% of the total thread.

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16 August 2021





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