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AC Resonant Test System For CVT

31 August 2021, 8:14

Arizona, A and F Trailer Park

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ad ac resonant test system for cvt



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Product Introduction

Capacitive voltage transformer (CVT) in calibration the test must be conducted under the condition of 50Hz frequency complex geographical condition on site at the same time the traditional experiment device is difficult to meet the requirements of on-site handling testing series resonance booster device is first used in domestic field tunable resonance device has been widely used in domestic 500 kv and below the field calibration of capacitor voltage transformer.

Product Parameters

Technical parameters

Rated Capacity 80kVA

rated voltage 160kV

Adjustable inductance range 65~130H

Rated frequency 50Hz

Rated current 0.5A

Adjustable gap range 0~300mm

Product Characteristics

1、Due to full compensation of resonant reactive power the power of power supply and equipment is less than 110 of the required capacity of the subject (1Q10). Small size and light weight with the same capacity large output capacity of the device and small power capacity required cheap convenient and safe to use;

2、Series resonance is actually a current filtering circuit so that the current passing through the subject is basically the fundamental current and the waveform distortion rate (THD) of the output voltage is very small which is superior to all existing ac voltage withstand equipment.

3、The short circuit current of the sample after flashover or breakdown is only less than 110 (1Q) of the test current before short circuit which can effectively prevent the expansion of damage to the fault point after breakdown;

4、After flashover the arc will be automatically extinguished immediately. The long (number of seconds) process of restoring resonant state voltage after arc quenching is a steady-state establishment process and there is no danger of voltage overshoot and no danger of restoring overvoltage in microsecond millisecond transient process.



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31 August 2021





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