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16 August 2021



3PE And FBE Coating Steel Pipe

17 August 2021, 17:33

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3PE and FBE Coating Steel Pipe base material includes seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe. Three-layer structure polyethylene (3PE) anticorrosive coating has been widely used in petroleum pipeline industry for its good corrosion resistance, water and gas permeability and mechanical properties. An anticorrosive coating of 3PE and FBE Coating Steel Pipe is of vital importance for the life of buried pipes. 3PE and FBE Coating Steel Pipe of the same material are buried underground for decades without corrosion, while others leak out in a few years. That's because they use different coatings.

3PE and FBE Coating Steel Pipe is a kind of anticorrosive pipe with 3-layer structure polyethylene coating (MAPEC).Other anti - corrosion methods include IPN8710, FBE epoxy powder, coal tar epoxy, etc. Generally refers to the steel tube wall corrosion.

The anti-corrosion structure

Steel tube outer wall corrosion protection form

3PE anticorrosion generally consists of three layers:

First layer epoxy powder (FBE100um)

Second layer adhesive (AD) 170 ~ 250um

The third layer of polyethylene (PE) is 1.8-3.7mm

In practice, three kinds of materials are mixed and integrated to form an excellent anticorrosive layer. Its processing mode is generally divided into two types: winding type and circular die cladding type.

3PE and FBE Coating Steel Pipe coating is a new kind of anticorrosive steel pipe coating, which is a combination of 2PE anticorrosive coating in Europe and epoxy powder anticorrosive steel pipe coating (FBE) widely used in North America. It has been recognized and used all over the world for more than ten years.

The coating of 3PE and FBE Coating Steel Pipe is epoxy powder anticorrosive coating on the bottom layer and the surface of the steel pipe, and the intermediate layer is copolymer adhesive with branch structure and functional group. The surface layer is a high density polyethylene anticorrosive coating.

Three PE anticorrosive coating combines the characteristics of high impermeability and high mechanical properties of epoxy resin and polyethylene. Up to now, it is the best anticorrosive coating with the best effect and performance, which has been used in many projects.

As illustrated in the flow chart above,

1)All bare pipes or fittings should be preheated first then clean the external surface by sand-blasting and grinding.

2) After surface inspection, qualified pipes will be conveyed to the facility to take final surface treatment to remove even tiny dust from the pipe external surface.

3) Mid-frequency induction heating.

4) Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating.

5) Extrude or spray copolymer adhesive.

6) Extrude the polyethylene layer. Make sure it's wounded onto the adhesive layer correctly.

7) Quenching by circulating cold water.

8) Standard inspection as per EN DIN 30670.

9) Packaged and stocked.

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